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Brigitte Anderson Hi guys my name is Brigitte Anderson I am the CEO & Founder of MomTraffic.com Mother of 6 Beautiful Children! Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I presently reside in the Gardens in New York! MomTraffic was created as a means for Moms to connect … connect to
Great Tips & Advice from anything relating to first day of school challenges
to diaper rashes! We also connect with each other, as MomTraffic is an Online Social environment & establishment where moms support and empower each other!

About Our Chat Rooms

Our Chat Rooms has been a place for many moms on many occassions to meet up, and pretty much let our hair down, just about anything in a supportive and friendly environment, we rant, we share, we cry, we laugh we support and encourage, our chats have been around since 2009 as a comfort to many and continue to do so!

About Our Online Vendor Fairs
One word … Lucrative! Lol Our Online Vendor Fairs have been a friendly and supportive platform in which Moms Support one another financially by Shopping each other’s websites! Moms who are business owners find the support they need, whether leaving a comment to ones’s Face Book Post, liking, sharing, or even a purchase! Our Online Vendor Fair is open 365 days per year! We have one for every Season and each Holiday! As a Business Owner you’ll have a 250×250 Graphic banner button on the pages of our Online Vendor Fair (which is like leaving your business card on the table)! Which is a clickable link that leads to your Websites and contact information! And if you don’t have a business we’ll give you one, if you’d like!

Our Mission is to create a friendly supportive environment on the net Where Moms, in particular, can experience wholeness and balance Support and love.

5% of Annual Revenue from MomTraffic would go towards the Support of Domestic Violence Shelters

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